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Manufacture and Installation of Steel Ductwork

We fabricate our ductwork from a variety of materials and in varying gauges, dependent upon the application or process.  Aluminium provides a lightweight and easy to install product, which can be easily fabricated in house or on site to produce customised shapes.  Galvanised and stainless steels are often used given their zinc coating, which prevents rusting and the need to paint.

 We fabricate and install sheet metal panels, plastisol building flashings and cladding, bespoke rainwater guttering, specialist cupboards, cabinet storage, sheet metal enclosures, booths and compounds. We can fabricate cabinets and cupboards to your exact specification, from flammable substance cupboards to mobile storage cabinets.

  • Bespoke wall or ceiling canopies made from 304 high grade stainless steel.

  • Installation of Fans/Exterior Ductwork

  • Stainless steel wall cladding to rear of canopy which protects the walls and looks great.

  • Odour control – Carbon filtration units, Electrostatic Filters, U.V. Filtration.

  • Noise control – Attenuators (silencers) .

  • Gas interlock systems .

  • Louvres and Filters